From our inception, Bridges to Israel-Berkeley has been active in helping Israeli victims of terror. We believe that through a fuller understanding of the impact of terrorist actions--bombings, rocketing, etc--on the lives of ordinary Israelis, we educate ourselves and our community about the deeper meaning of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle. We believe too that it is incumbent upon us to stand with our Israeli family in a concrete and effective way. Members of our organization maintain ongoing contact with our adopted families and bring their stories and messages back to our community thus fostering a deeper connection between us all. Read more about all the families that Bridges to Israel-Berkeley has adopted on our Adopted Families page.

We have also committed ourselves, when possible, to aid the Israeli economy and have made imported Israeli roses available to the community on special occasions and Jewish holidays. Learn more on our Roses page. The proceeds from these sales go to support our victims of terror program.

Bridges to Israel-Berkeley is entirely a volunteer organization. We have no salaried personnel. We conduct an annual campaign to raise funds for the victims of terror program. Virtually all these monies are allocated for this program. In addition we receive unspecified grants and donations which helps pay for our operating expenses which among other things, supports our website, pays for postage and supplies and similar expenses.

Bridges to Israel-Berkeley is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.