Ayala Ayal, a woman in her mid-40s is one of those unique human beings unafraid to shoulder the responsibilities life has thrust upon her. After both her parents were killed in a Tel Aviv terror attack, Ayala, then serving in the IDF, took on the responsibility to raise her younger sister. She worked hard at various secretarial jobs and eventually married and had two children of her own. Five years ago her husband was involved in a terrible car accident which rendered him both physically and mentally disabled. Ayala now cares for him while supporting the family and raising the children. Several years ago she realized she needed to retrain so that she could earn a higher salary and simultaneously fulfill her dreams (and her parents' wishes) to obtain a university education. She returned to school and is now one year short of completing a law degree at the academic campus of Kiryat Ono. Bridges to Israel has helped pay the tuition to complete her training and has committed itself to pay for the Bar examination expenses.