Eti Danon, a 40 year old mother of four children, was injured when a female terrorist blew herself up on Jaffa road in Jerusalem. She was burned on her face and body and absorbed considerable shrapnel. Shortly after her own injuries her husband suffered a heart attack--not unrelated to the stresses imposed on the family--and has been unable to work full time. Given the fact that both parents could only be partially employed, the family's economic situation was severely compromised. In addition, her children developed academic problems and three of the children required special tutoring. To add insult to injury their rented apartment was sold by its owner and on short notice they had to move to a much smaller one in another district of Jerusalem incurring expenses they could ill-afford.

After some months of struggle they now live in an apartment in their old neighborhood, closer to Hadassah Hospital, where Eti is employed as a coronary surgical nurse. Bridges helped defray some of the moving expenses and over the past two years covered the tutoring costs for the children resulting in their stabilization. On their social worker's recommendation we also paid for ongoing housecleaning help so that Eti might conserve her energy for her children and employment. Her work at Hadassah Hospital is demanding and requires her to stand long hours on her feet. Thus, she can only work on a part-time basis.