The Gaon Family

Shula Gaon, a mother of three and the major breadwinner for her family, was gunned down in a terrorist attack in Afula, November 2001. Her leg was totally shattered and had to be amputated above the knee leaving her unable to work and thoroughly traumatized. Shula continues to suffer from periodic bouts of depression and the prosthesis she wears needs constant medical attention. The family now lives in a government subsidized ground level rental apartment on the outskirts of Nazareth Ilite which they would like to buy rather than return to their former 4th floor walk-up apartment.

Bridges gave the family a monthly stipend over a period of about 24 months to help meet their normal living expenses. To foster Shula's ability to return to meaningful employment Bridges paid for a driver's education course which she successfully completed. We then paid 25% of the cost of a specially equipped automobile, which has given her mobility and autonomy (the Israeli government was willing to provide the additional 75% of the cost). We have allocated funds to pay for rehabilitation training so that she can acquire skills necessary for an office position and purchased a computer for her toward that end. In addition, Shula's teeth broken in the terror attack, needed to be repaired since it disfigured her face and she felt self-conscious in social situations and funds were allocated to her orthodontist for that purpose.